Walkie Talkie v0.2.x Finished

Walkie Talkie version 0.2.x has been completed.  Work on version 0.3.x has begun.  Please visit our Forums section to see planned features for 0.3.x.  Rob.

Completed for 0.2.x:
  • Support block list in history tab (via menu button).
  • Long press a message to select block sender option.
  • Hold down Camera button to record.
  • Select all/none recipients in Send To tab (via menu button).
  • Playback can be canceled with back key.
  • Popup when playing and recording for visual feedback.
  • Moved ringtone and vibration to Preferences Menu.
  • Removed insistent notifications until option is added in Preferences Menu to configure insistent notifications.
  • Lots of bug fixes and speed ups.
  • Variable background polling rates speed up under use and slow down when idle.
  • Sorting of recipient list.
  • Long press message to add Sender as a new contact.