HD Quality Portable Spotter Cam for Target Practice

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a 640×480 resolution spotter cam system when you can make a more flexible HD quality setup for half the price.
1) Camera: Many choices but the Amcrest IP2M-841 is 1080P resolution for $81 on Amazon (sometimes on sale for less).
2) Battery: Can’t beat a walmart battery for $48.88.
3) Power Inverter: Any car power inverter will work, this 300W unit for $16.99 comes with aligator clips and USB ports as an extra bonus!
4) Wifi Hotspot: You could use your phone, but it’s simpler to just use a cheap wifi router.
5) Holding it together: A simple toolbox from homedepot to stuff everything inside.
6) Charger: To re-charge the battery, you can use your car jumper cables or this simple wall charger (also great for maintaining car batteries when on vacation).
That’s it for hardware. Now let’s configure all the pieces to work together.
A) Power up wifi router at home and connect your phone/tablet/computer to it. Verify you can change router’s admin settings with it’s web interface. Setup user accounts, etc.
B) Plug camera into wifi router using eithernet port. Verify you can access camera’s web interface from your phone/tablet/computer which is still connected same wifi. Setup user accounts, etc.
C) Now change camera settings to using the router’s WIFI settings, disconnect ethernet cable and reboot camera. Camera should be on wifi now. Verify you can still see camera using phoen/tablet/computer.
D) Finally, run HandiSpotter on your phone/tablet to view camera.
That’s it. Stuff everything into the toolbox and bring it to a field for some target practice.