From the dead! Pro and Lite coming back.

Google is helping me bring them back!  Hold on tight, it’ll happen over the next 24 hours!
It seems the app description had issues so I while I’m updating the code, I’ll need to bring it back down so I can go over the text when they contact me to make sure everything is kosher.
Background: As you probably know, the Pro version was pulled from the Market on 10/12/2011.  Since my Lite version was pulled earlier, I obviously have not figured out what Google was unhappy with.
I was tired and defeated.  Try to fix it again and risk being banned.  Don’t do anything and watch 3 years of hard work slip away.
Since my earlier attempts to contact Google for help did not work, I decided it was time to reach out to the press, blogs, forums, websites, news sites, podcasts and anyone I could contact for help.  My goal was to make enough noise to get someone at Google to help.
Within an hour, OMG!Droid reached out to me and offered to write a post.  Just speaking with Chris helped.  He really cared and wanted to write a balanced story.  I breathed a little better.
What happened next really surprised me.  A kind sole, who doesn’t know me (but I’ve seen him at multiple conferences from a distance), read my email and forwarded it to someone at Google who started the ball rolling.
These 2 gentleman are large in the tech world and the fact that they took some time to help a stranger in need, made me tear up (embarrassing since I was at the PayPal X Conference).  Did I mention I’m a Rackspace customer. 8^)
So now, I’m waiting for Google to contact me and hopefully get this thing straighten out once and for all.
Well, the upper managment mean well and tried but the market support folks must work out of the old KGB offices. I only have the ONE extra email hinting at the app description and which gave my app back.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for that but it would have been good to know *what* text was the issue so I can avoid it from happening *again*.
So, I’ve edited the app description to a minimum, removed all web links to my website for help or device support, and removed the list of brands supported (except for some major brands).
Look at the description here. It’s so bland, I don’t know what else it could be (email me if you find an issue: robert[dot]chou[at]gmail[dot]com).
Now, it’s cross your fingers, toes, and pray time…