v4.1.5 has Recording Playback and Video Export!

Finally, IP Cam Viewer v4.1.2 has a new Recording Playback screen to search and playback recordings made in Record Mode.
In addition, v4.1.5 has a new Convert to Video File screen to extract recorded data as a single video clip.
Use Windows Media Player or RockPlayer Lite for Android to playback recording.
As for a good android tablet for Record Mode, I use the Acer Iconia A500.  It’s cheap and has a full USB port.  I bought a 500GB 2.5 in laptop hd for $50, put it into a $10 enclosure, formatted it to FAT32 using “fat32format.exe“.  Connect it and change the record path in my app to “/mnt/usb_storage/IpCamViewer/Record”.  That should cover 6 cameras, at 24×7 recording, for ~30 days.