iOS Launch URLs

IP Camera Viewer for iOS version 1.3.5 or newer will support the following launch URLs for integration by other applications:
launch app in default matrix view:
launch app in default matrix view for group name (v2.1.8 or newer)
ipcamviewer://launch?groupName=[url encoded group name]
launch app in detail view for camera id
ipcamviewer://launch?id=[index of camera, 0..n]
launch app in detail view for camera name
ipcamviewer://launch?name=[url encoded name for camera]
See this post for similar launch methods for android.

IP Cam Viewer icons and TV

The next version, 4.0.3, will use icons for all the custom buttons that vary based on camera model.  They will also toast their function when you press them.
More importantly, just before I was to start a 2 week road trip, I got a cool little device to test IP Cam Viewer on my TV.  Got it running in a few minutes but it’ll need some tweaking to work quicker without the mouse/touch gestures.
I plan to spend some time after I get back to play with it.  Pretty awesome to see the matrix mode on a large 40 inch TV.
ps. audio on iOS is progressing well. About 1/3 of the audio drivers have been ported. Will be porting Axis audio next…