Ports to iPhone, Blackberry, Phone 8, Desktop

I have ports of IP Cam Viewer for Android to other platforms. More features will be added over time.
Look for IP Cam Viewer Lite and IP Cam Viewer Pro in the Apple iTunes app store.
Blackberry QNX OS:
Look for “IP Cam Viewer” in the Blackberry World app store. Note: native code is not allowed for blackberry so some drivers (i.e. h.264 dvrs) will not be available for now.
Windows Phone 7/8:
Under development. Target end of the year completion. Update: aborted because MS decided phone8 will not be backward compatible. Will restart on phone8 when it’s get more popular.
Table/Desktop ports:
I don’t have a desktop Mac/PC version yet. For now, you can use BlueStacks to run Android apps on both Mac and PC. After installing BlueStacks, download and install IP Cam Viewer Lite.