IP Camera Viewer – iOS

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Detail View

Detail View

iOS IP Cam Viewer Pro in Apple App Store
Android IP Cam Viewer in Android Market
Android version is also available from me directly
Blackberry OS10 IP Cam Viewer for Playbook in App World
Blackberry OS6 Live Cams IP Camera in App World
Phone 7 port is in progress…

Remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, and Network Video Recorder using an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Supports SSL, 2-way audio on some cameras for baby monitoring, pan/tilt, optical zoom, presets, relay control and digital pinch to zoom.

Matrix View


One time setup with options to export settings to sdcard and to share cameras using email.

Have dozens of cameras? Group them for quick recall.

- 2-way audio for some cameras (baby monitor)
- pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ)
- preset recall
- relay control
- custom controls
- matrix view and pinch to digital zoom
- grouping of cameras to organize and for quick recall.
- Export / Import
- sharing capabilities
- app password to protect app access
- scan camera capability

Camera Controls


Over 600+ different makes/models supported. For specific camera models and features, see the Device Support List.